About gNetic

What is gnetic?

Gnetic is a free program developed in C to create or restore backups. It can also create clones of computers over the internet. You can create the clones using a direct connection between two computers (peer to peer), or using the "link mode" that creates a chain of nodes that sends the information from one computer to the other. With this method, you can theoretically clone up to 64 computers (or however many you specify) at the same time as one or two.

Gnetic can also create copies on the fly, which is to say, sending the information directly over the web without creating an image first. Of course, the traditional option of creating and restoring the image locally is always available.


This program is Open Source; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the "GNU General Public License" as published by "FSF Free Software Foundation", either from version 2 of the mentioned license or whichever version comes later. This program is distributed with the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT any WARRANTY; even without the implicit guarantee for the marketing or exercise of any purpose in particular. See the "GNU General Public License" for more details.

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